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Alumni "Contact Us" Form ~ Use this page to send us your contact info so we can keep you informed about OHS68 events.

Pics ~ Main "table of contents" for all miscellaneous photos ... see below for individual pages.

Reunion Details ~ All the info (time, place, cost etc) about the 50th reunion.

Past Reunion Info ~ All the past reunion photos & etc.

Alumni Profiles ~ You can leave a brief profile about yourself and read that from others (password protected).

OHS68 Message Board ~ Make suggestions for the next reunion or post a message for your OHS classmates.

Missing Classmates ~ A list of names of alumni that we are unable to find ... please help!

In Memoriam ~ A tribute to our many friends who are no longer with us.

Reunion Attendees ~ The people who attended (or had planned to attend) the 35th reunion. Pictures are from the senior year book.

About 1968 ~ By any definition it was a wild & crazy year in the USA... a walk down memory lane.

Contact Reunion Committee ~ Names & contact info for various classmates who serve on the OHS68 reunion committee

Help Out Contact Form ~ If you can pitch in to help with the next OHS68 reunion, please let us know.

  Miscellaneous Photographs

Reunion Pictures ~ Intro page to the hundreds of digital color photos from the 35th reunion, with links to photos from subsequent reunions. We also have a ton of photos from Subsequent Reunions.

Reunion Picnic ~ Photos from the 35th reunion picnic on Sunday October 19th 2003, held behind the Timbercreek restaurant & tavern on Belair Road.

High School Yearbook ~ Various b&w photos from the senior yearbook (plus a larger slideshow).

Genesis ~ Photos from the meeting that kicked off the 35th reunion idea.

OHS68 Slideshow ... More pictures from the Senior Yearbook

Tiny Alumni ~ Class photos from elementary school.

The Oracle ~ Stories and photos from the last copy of the school paper during our senior year.

Stingers ~ Photos from when some alumni went to hear the Epics play.
May Fling ~ From a May '04 OHS68 get-together in Perry Hall.

Alumni Attending ~ 1968 yearbook photos of many of the folks who attended the 35th reunion

Mug Shots ~ Individual names & faces of many of the OHS alumni, from photos taken at the 2003 reunion


People Locating Tools ~ Online resources that can be utilized for finding old friends

Travel Links ~ If you are going to Baltimore from outside the area, here are links to help with the arrangements.

Report Dead Links ~ Help us clear out links listed at OHS68 that are no longer active on the WWW.

Overlea, Maryland ~ A lot of information about the old Overlea-Fullerton-Rosedale neighborhood.

Fun Stuff ~ Silly online brain puzzlers to fill your time when the boss isn't around.

SE Bridge Pages...   High School
Baltimore High Schools  ::  High School Reunion

Storm Preparation ~ Many OHS68 alumni now live in Florida -- we put this checklist together before a major hurricane hit.

OHS '67 Info ~ Add your name to the Overlea Class of 1967 database.
OHS '69 Reunion ~ Information about the 40th reunion for the Overlea Class of 1969.
OHS '74 Reunion ~ Information about the 35th reunion for the Overlea Class of 1974.

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