Printable Mail Form - Alumni Contact Info

If you prefer to send your current contact info via US Postal Mail, then use your browser's File > Print command to print out this form on plain white paper. You can either type the information online then print it; or, print the form first then fill out by hand (please write clearly). When it is complete, postal mail to:

   Mike Clisham ~ Chairman, 35th Reunion Committee
   4100-A Chardel Rd     Baltimore, MD    21236

Thanks! We'll be sure to let you know about any upcoming reunion plans....

What was your last name when you graduated from OHS? (as that last name appeared in the yearbook)

Last Name Only:
Your Full Name:
Street Address:
Town + State:
Zip Code:
Your E-MAIL:
Phone #:

Finally... because it is possible that some of us will move from where we now live prior to an upcoming reunion, it will be easier to get in touch if you could provide another contact person who will be able to reach you ~ perhaps a family member or friend.

In the space below, please indicate their name; contact info (address, phone, and/or email); and their relation to you. For example: Lynn Smith, 410-555-5555, Sister

Please check to see that all info is correct prior to placing in the mail.... Thank You!
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