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Miscellaneous Photos & Assorted Oddities
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The Overlea Class of 1968's 50th Reunion was a true OHS milestone... enjoy the photos at the  [50th Reunion Slideshows]
The Overlea Class of 1968's 45th Reunion was yet another great OHS '68 party...  [45th Reunion Photos]
If anyone had any doubts about the OHS '68 class mounting two huge reunions in a row, the 40th reunion party laid that question to rest! View the...  [40th Reunion Photos]
Here's a 7-1/2 minute video that we took at the 40th reunion and uploaded to, including some great footage of Mr. Huppert showing the youngsters how to dance...  [40th Reunion Video]
The 35th Reunion blew the roof off of Overlea Hall... enjoy these [35th Reunion Photos]
We honor our friends & classmates at our [In Memoriam Page]
A variety of scanned photos that appeared in the Overlea class of 1968 [Senior Yearbook]
  We scanned a bunch of senior photos from the '68 class yearbook so people attending the 35th could remember what we all looked like back so many years ago.   Go to... [Alumni Attending]
Here are many of those same classmates at the 35th reunion... [Alumni 2003]
Here is a great [SLIDESHOW] showing the building of Overlea High School in 1961.
A series of "stranger than truth" photographs found in the June 3rd, 1968 edition of the [Oracle]. Don't show these to your kids ~ they'll never let you forget it!
Various [class portraits] from elementary school. Yes, we were once that tiny...
Here are some pictures from an impromptu [get-together] in Baltimore during November '02, when a bunch of old OHS alumni first hatched the notion that it was 35th Reunion Party Time!
More pics from another reunion meeting, this time at [Stingers] on Belair Road on 05/30/03
The OHS68 [Mayfling] on 05/29/04
View the [OHS Tattoos] ... This is one of our newest pages. If you are in the Class of '68 and have a photo of your tattoo, then send it to us as an email attachment and we'll add that picture to the site. We'll also use photos from OHS '67 or '69 alumni.
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If you have not yet sent your own [contact info] to the reunion committee, please do so ASAP so we can keep you in touch regarding future OHS68 events!