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Help Us Find Missing Classmates!

We make every effort to let all OHS68 grads know about our 40th reunion, but even so, too many of our classmates can not be contacted. In some cases, we have old addresses that are out-of-date, and in other cases, we have completely lost touch with our Overlea friends (see below for the full list).

If you have an idea where any of the classmates listed below can be found, we'd appreciate your feedback. Even if you do not have their complete address, any info that you can offer might assist us in the location process. Our goal is to re-establish contact with as many 1968 Overlea alumni as possible, so we can keep them in the loop about all upcoming OHS68 events.

Here are some "clues" that would be tremendously helpful:

  • For OHS women, if you know their married names (and if possible, their husband's first name);
  • Do you know if their parents (or siblings) are still living on the same street as when we were in school? If so, please tell us the street name;
  • Even if you do not know the full contact address for OHS alumni, if you think you know what town/state they are in, that can be a big help, especially if it's not a big city;
  • Are you in touch with any of their family members or friends who could forward on the information about our OHS reunions?

Please look over the list below, then [NOTIFY US] if you think you can help us find any of them... thanks for any assistance!

Sherlock HolmesIf you always felt that you'd make a good detective, and you'd like to actually help us track down some of these folks, then try these [LOCATOR TIPS]. This is a collection of free online tools that makes it somewhat easier to find people by using resources on the internet.


~ B ~
Bevins, Bill
Bittner, Patricia May
Botts, Carolyn Raye
Botts, Mary Lavonne
Bruce, Carmen S
~ C ~
Cates, Robert Milton
~ D ~
Dance, Leroy
Dayberry, Linda J
Deiter, Alicia
Dunworth, Catherine
~ E ~
Everd, Joanne Ruth
~ F ~
Fisher, Ron
Ford, Bettie Lee
Forlifer, Regina
Forney, Maureen Agnes
Furman, Robert Louis
~ G ~
Gilbert, Glenn
Gittings, Earl
Glass, David
Glass, Sandra L.
Gleason, Gene S.
Graham, Harvey

~ H ~
Harrison, Melissa June
Hewitt, Alicia Dieter
Hoke, Linda Diane
Houck, Linda Kay
~ J ~
Jackson, Kenneth Mile
Jackson, Leroy G.
Johnson, Linda Sue
Jones, C. Dale
Jones, Patricia Jane
~ K ~
Kotterwas, Betty J.
~ L ~
Lang, Janice Ann
Lawson, Cheryl Lynne
Lefas, Patricia P.
Lescallet, Barbara Ann
Lewis, Joseph Allen
~ M ~
Maggio, Anthony Salvatore
Mayer, Pamela Jean
McNulty, Helen Marie
Miezwa, Christine
Mikros, Christine Florence
Miles, Kenneth Stuart
Montgomery, Kevin Michael
Murrary, Robert Wallace

~ N ~
Neal, Marie Josephine
~ P ~
Phillips, Wayne W.
Preston, Lewis Randolph
Price, Rebecca Peary
~ Q ~
Quesenberry, Susan Carol
~ R ~
Reese, Sheryl
Reeves, Clyde Kent
Reid, Peggy Lee
~ S ~
Salzano, Anthony Michael
Schultz, Gretchen M.
Shirk, Karen K.
Shoemaker, Christine M.
Smith, Katherine T.
~ T ~
Thompson, Karen Ann
~ V ~
Vincent, John L.
~ W ~
Wall, Suzanne
Whittle, Donald G.
Wilt, Cynthia A.
Wirts, Bonnie Lynn
Wiseman, Barbara Faye

Recognize anyone?

Please either contact Linda Bark Smith directly at:

or   [SEND US] whatever contact info you have!

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