Tips For Locating OHS68 Alumni

Magnifying glassWe need all the help we can get to find our long lost classmates. If you'd like to jump in to lend a hand, we'd be grateful for the assistance, and once you get in the groove, it can be fun.

Thanks to the internet it is a bit easier to find people now than was the case for the 25th reunion. It can definitely help you to have a middle initial for the person -- in some cases you can get that by either looking in the yearbook or at the listings on the [Missing Classmates] page.

Keeping in mind that in some instances the public databases might occasionally be outdated, here are some "locator" tips that you can use for tracking down old friends... if you find anything at all, please [send it] to us!

If you have a land-line phone #:

  • In this case, you can often get their full address by first going to: [AT&T]

  • Then go to the bottom: "Find a Person by Phone Number". Plug in the number and in seconds you'll get the address (note however that as more people use cell phones, they are no longer being listed).

    You have no phone #:

  • It is generally easier to find a guy, since most women use their married names. If he has an unusual last name, you can start by going to: [People-Data] and/or Zaba-Search.

  • At P-D or at Z-S, plug in the name and guess that the state is Maryland. When the results come back, note the birthday. If you see that the birthdate for your person is either 1949, '50 (most likely), or '51, then you probably have guessed correctly that the state is in fact Maryland.

    So now you know the full name, the age, and the state (if MD doesn't work, you could also try Pennsylvania; or if their name is really unusual, you can try the "All States" option).

  • If necessary, next go to: [] and type in the first & last name ; state == MD (do not use the middle initial at Switchboard)

  • If the last name is somewhat unusual, then you should get an address and/or phone # that is going to very likely be correct. If however that does not work, then try the following...

    Another very effective "locator" technique:

  • For our example let's say again that you know the person is somewhere in Maryland, and of course we know that most of our classmates were born in 1950 +/-. You can go to: [US Search] and type in the full name (with middle initial), the state, and the approximate age.

  • [USSearch] will tell you the city. If there is more than one choice returned, then click each of them to see which person is close to the correct age. So if the site (above) is not helpful, try to get the city here.

  • If you found the city but need their correct zip, you may be able to get it -- depending on the size of the town -- at the [US Postal Service]. (Of course large metropolitan areas will have multiple zips)

  • Now you know the name, the city, the state & possibly the zip. Return to the [AT&T] online directory service, but this time at AT&T, use the "Find a Person" option (2nd choice) to get the full address.

  • And if all else fails, here is another useful resource for finding people's contact info: []

    If the classmate has an unusual last name, you can also try using their name as a search engine query...

    Many people are listed as members of associations, or they are listed on a company staff page, or they have their own website, etc. Try a search at an engine like Google, putting quotation marks around their name so it would look something like this:
    "Their Name" + Baltimore + Maryland
    (If you get no results, remove the "+ Baltimore + Maryland" and only use the name).

    "Elementary my dear Watson..."

    So as you can see, by using a combination of AT&T; People-Data; Switchboard; USSearch; and possibly Google, you can let your fingers do the walking and find a bunch of info right from the comfort of your keyboard.

    If you decide to make a stab at finding old OHS friends and if you come up with anything useful, please [SEND] that information to us, even if it seems incomplete. Thanks again for the help!