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Wizard Long ago

Here are some pictures from another time, another place...
(Yes, Overlea grads were once this size!)

2nd Grade Class Photo

Mrs. Eicholitz - 2nd Grade, Fullerton Elementary, 1957-58
(Thanks to Linda Bark Smith for sending this)
Front Row: Tom Gallagher, Robert Huff, [], Wayne Martin, Donna Montague
Second Row: Phyllis Goska, [Patti ?], Richard Taylor, Susan Winkler, Diana Frantz, [], David Wolf, []
Third Row: [], Howard Smith, Bonnie Snell, Linda Bark, Robert Gordon, Earl Gittings, Donald Korman
Fourth Row: Leroy Kennedy, David Cole, [], Michelle Walshinsky, Henry Gohlinghorst, [], Mrs. Eicholtz

4th Grade Class Photo

Miss Rondell's 4th Grade, Fullerton Elementary, 1959 - 60
(From Steve Reynolds' golden moldies)
Front Row: [Patti ?], Donna Montague, Diana Frantz, Howard Smith, Earl Gittings, Sandra Hall, Tom Clark
Second Row: Steve Wiesner, Tommy Gallagher, Linda Birchenbrider, Margarite Hash, Phyllis Goska, Cathy Wildberger, Maureen Ward
Third Row: Ruth Vrzalik, Marcelle Blondell, Dean Bogart, Wayne Martin, Paul Bressler, Amelia Dekowski, Henry Gohlinghorst, Linda Bark, Donald Korman, Miss Rondell.
Back Row: Lon McCrae, Terry Horlamus, Steve Reynolds, Robert Huff, Bob Gordon, Jimmy Horlamus, Gary Weedon, LeRoy Kennedy

4th Grade Class Photo

Mrs. Stack's 4th Grade, Fullerton Elementary, 1959 - 60
(Thanks to Betty Zink Wetzel for sending this)
Front Row: Sharon Eberling, Miriam Morsey, Gary Staehlin, Denise Adams, Mildred Smeltzer, Betty Zink, Bonnie Snell
Second Row: Nancy Thrift, Raymond Reigle, Michele Walshinsky, James DeFontes, John Schofield, Donald Gable, Richard Taylor
Third Row: Marvin Gyr, Steven Kelly, Madge Karsseboom, Greg Reisz, Karen Krauch, [?], Louise Laudenklos, William Cullison, Peggy Schultz, Mrs. Stack
Back Row: Sandra Miller, Marianne Jones, Ellen France, Howard Krauch, Richard Buterbaugh, David Cole, Linda Thompson, David Jones

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If you recognize any of the [ ] missing names above, please

Also, if you have any other class photos from Elmwood Elementary which has Overlea '68 classmates, we can add them to this section if you can to us (either you can scan them at about 144 dpi OR send the original and we'll return it to you promptly after scanning on our end).

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