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Contact Info!

Please use one of the following pages whenever you need to get in touch with us...

  • If this is the first time you've visited the site, please be sure to add your full [Alumni Contact Info] to the reunion's database. This will allow us to send to you important details about any upcoming OHS68 events.

  • If however you have already sent us your Alumni Info, but the contact information has since changed in some way, you can let us know using our simple [Update Form].

  • If you have already sent us all your contact info at some previous date ~ and nothing has changed since ~ then click this next link to notify us regarding your intentions to attend (or not attend) the next OHS '68 reunion... [OHS68 Reunion Feedback]

  • For anyone who would prefer to actually speak to one of the Class of 1968 reunion committee members, or email them directly, you can access their contact information at the [committee page].

  • We are continually trying to track down our long lost friends. If you have any info at all regarding the whereabouts of an OHS68 classmate, please [send it] to us! (FYI: You can view a [list of names] for those grads whose contact information is still missing).

  • If you'd like to occasionally volunteer to assist the alumni committee ~ for the next reunion or at other future events ~ please go to the [Help Out] section.

  • And finally, please send any comments, questions, or suggestions about the website to: 

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