Info about Overlea High School Class of 1968 Reunions

Help us contact other OHS68 alumni!

If you have up-to-date contact information for any of our fellow classmates, please forward it our way so we can either email them; call them; or send them a postcard announcing the reunion.

FYI:  You can view a complete list of OHS68 [missing classmates].

Even if you do not have their complete address, it can be helpful to have any bit of information that we can use in locating them. For example:

  • A female classmate's married name; or
  • The town/state in which they reside; or
  • The street where their parents live; or
  • If you know another family member, etc.

    Please either contact Linda Bark Smith directly at:

    or fill in the online form below with whatever information about the classmate that you may have ~ we'll take it from there:

    If you have not contacted us before, and you want to make sure that we have your own postal mailing address & phone # correctly on file, please enter that info here:

    (Note: If you have information about more than one alumni, you can place it all in the last text field below)

    Classmate Name:
    Classmate Email?:
    Classmate Phone #?:
    Please provide any info that you have about classmates' addresses:
    I am definitely sure about this alumni's information
    I am not 100% sure about this info ~ you'll need to verify
    Prior to sending, please be certain that all contact info is typed correctly... Thank You!

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