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Where are you?? We need to know!!

The purpose of this online form is to help us update the Overlea Senior High School Class of 1968 "Alumni Records", so we can keep in touch with you about upcoming reunions and other important OHS68 news.

The WWW makes it very easy to send to the alumni committee your own current contact information. Just fill in the various fields below and hit the "Send Now" button.

If you do not wish to send your contact info electronically, but instead prefer to mail it via the US Postal System, then you can click here to use the Printable Contact Form.

Lines with an asterisk are required and must be completed for submission.
If you get an error message, use your back button to enter the missing info!
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Is this the first time you have sent this form? Or, are you updating past information?

spacer  Yes ~ this is the first time I've sent in the form;
spacer  I am updating the information that I previously submitted.

What was your last name when you graduated from OHS? (as that last name appeared in the yearbook)

* YOUR FULL NAME  (First + Last):
* STREET Address:
We need your email address in order to keep you up-to-date about OHS events:

(Optional) We all know how often email addresses change. If you have a second email, then please provide it below as a back-up. For example, you are using your work address as your primary (above), but you also have a home account. If you do not have a second address, then leave blank.


The hardest part of organizing a reunion is contacting everyone. Because the of the amount of time between reunions, it is possible that many of us will move from where we now live. In the event that your own contact information should change, it will be much easier to get in touch if you could provide another contact person who will likely be able to reach you, such as a family member or close friend.

It would be very helpful if you would please indicate the person's name; contact info (phone # and/or email); and their relation to you in the space below ~ this of course will not be used unless we were unable to get ahold of you in any other manner.

For example: Lynn Smith, 410-555-5555, Sister

If you have a website for your own business, or if you have a personal site or Facebook page where you feature your hobbies/interests, then let us know the URL. If we ever create an "Alumni Links" page, we'll be sure to include it:

Have you have kept in touch with other class members (or teachers) from 1968? If so, please provide the names and contact info for a couple of them in the space below, and especially include their email if you have it:

Finally... If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, you can include them in the space below:

Prior to clicking the "send" button below, please BE CERTAIN! that you have typed all the contact info correctly ~ especially your email.

NOTE: If you should get an error message when trying to send this form the first time, click your browser's "back" button and check to make sure you filled in the required fields at the top. If they are correct, then wait a moment and try again (the web might be busy). If you still have trouble sending it, please contact .

Are you ready to send?    

We are trying to reach as many class members as possible, so if you know where any other alumni are currently living, please give them the Overlea High School's Class of 1968 website address:

THANK YOU for updating your current contact information!

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