Overlea High School Class of 1969 ... reunion information and OHS '69 senior yearbook photos!
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First flights of 747 and Concorde.... Sesame Street debuts on TV.... Apollo 11 lands 1st men on the moon.... The USA spends no more money than it takes in.... Woodstock Music and Art Fair.... The 1st home computer sells for $10,600.... ARPANET, later the INTERNET is born.... Intel makes a 1 kilobit RAM chip.... THE CLASS OF 1969 AT OVERLEA SENIOR HIGH GRADUATES!!!!
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Hello Class of 1969!!
So happy to inform you our 50 year reunion will be held on Saturday September 28, 2019 at Columbus Gardens in Perry Hall from 7pm to 11pm. Please pass the word!!
~ Diane Tsottles Szulimowski
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Class of 1969's Ocean City Party on October 17th, 2009...
Almost 100 people attended the party despite the 2 'Noreasters with gale force winds and flooded streets in Ocean City. We had classmates make it as far as Wicomico Street but not able to get to Bahama Mamas because of flooding. It was... a great party and to Barb Thomas & husband Henry, Janice Slowik, Sandy Shultz, Diane Fredenrich and Christina Muth please accept my apologies.... Susan Veader and I were in her truck ready to embark on a rescue mission but were told by the police we would not be let back in without proof of residence so we aborted the mission. You will all have free admission to the next reunion.
Class of 1969....you rock!!!
~ Diane Tsottles Szulimowski
ps. Check for our page and/or class members at [Facebook.com]. If you're not yet a member, it's free to setup, then when you login, use as your search:  Overlea High School Class of 1969

Important!  If you are a member of the Overlea High School Class of 1969 and have not yet contacted us, please do so ASAP! We are assembling a database of our alumni so we can keep everyone in touch about upcoming events. Please send your email, phone number, and postal address to:

    Jim Dewitt ...   jdewitt@bakerbro.com
    Diane Tsottles Szulimowski ...   szulimowski@comcast.net
(Women alumni ~ Please include your maiden name, as it appeared in the yearbook).
And if you are in touch with anyone else from our class and you're pretty sure they've not contacted us, please send them to this page for all the info:  www.ohs68.com/69/
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