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Overlea High School Class of 1967

OHS '67 Classmates ~  We want to get in touch with as many OHS '67 grads as possible so we can organize a reunion for our Overlea High School class. Please email us your contact info so we can add you to our list ~ send to: OHS Mini Reunion
   Gail Hewett ... cghewett@aol.com
   Visit the... [Class of '67 Facebook Page]
Our first mini-reunion back in Sept, 2009 at The Silver Spring Mining Co. in Perry Hall was a great success, but now it's time for a bigger & better OHS party!
And if you're in touch with other OHS '67 alumni, please tell them about the reunion project... THANKS!
    ~ Gail and Linda
ps. Check for our page and/or class members at [Facebook.com]. If you're not yet a member, it's free to join, then when you login, use as your search:  Overlea High School 1967

Remembering the "good old days"...

If you graduated from Overlea High School in 1967, we need to hear from you!

We're putting together a database of our alumni so we can contact everyone for each of our upcoming Overlea Class of '67 school reunions. As you can imagine, it is a HUGE job trying to track down friends from over 40 years ago, so we're asking everyone to please help by getting in touch with us via this webpage ~ see Gail Hewett's email address below. Here's what we need to know:

  - Your name and home address
    (women alumni ~ please be sure to also include your maiden name, as it appeared in the yearbook!)

  - home, work and/or cell telephone numbers
  - your e-mail address (important!)
  - occupation (optional)
  - names of spouse, children, grandchildren, etc. (optional)

Please send us this feedback at your earliest opportunity, as it will help us keep you in touch regarding any upcoming OHS 1967 reunion details, and if there is information you do not wish to include, just leave that blank when you respond.

Important!  If you are still in touch with any of our fellow Overlea Senior High School classmates, please have them contact us as well! If you send them to this webpage they'll get all the info:


Please help us spread the word ... Thank You!

Click to email Gail Hewett at...  cghewett@aol.com
(Thanks to OHS '67 alumnus Michael Heck for the Overlea Senior High School yearbook scans)

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