Video Clips from the OHS '68 40th Reunion
October 18th, 2008 @ Columbus Gardens
7 min 39 sec ... Best Viewed with High Speed Access

About these clips...
When I was videotaping classmates dancing at Columbus Gardens, I knew that the light was rather low, however I was hoping that the camera would compensate. Unfortunately, it did not, so this is a bit darker and has less contrast than is ideal. Also, when a video is uploaded to it should be in the "mpeg4" format, which means it is considerably compressed and thus loses a certain amount of detail. But even so, I must say it was really enjoyable putting this together -- the clip of Mr. Huppert dancing is proof that it's possible to age but still stay young  :)
Hope it makes you smile too ~ click the play button below to see the full video...
~ Steve Reynolds

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