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The OHS '68 *50th Reunion* is COMING SOON!
Front Entrance of Overlea High School Click to view the latest information about the...
      [OHS '68 ~ 50th Reunion]
It's hard to believe that we are very close to 50 YEARS since we all graduated from Overlea High School. We've had regular reunions over the passing decades, but this one is an especially BIG DEAL ~ hey, no one we know is getting any younger   ;)
The OHS'68 reunion committee is making plans for a super 50th celebration, so if you are not on our email contact list to receive notifications, or if you would like to participate in the preparatory meetings, please do [let us know] ~ we really want to see as many alumni as possible join with us to celebrate this major milestone ... and it's sure to be yet another great OHS Party!
ps. Don't forget to keep up with the class at the [OHS '68 Facebook Page]
Blast from the Past!!
The OHS '68 45th Reunion was another fantastic party!!
Below are a few pics...
The Sept 28th, 2013 OHS '68 45th Reunion continued in the usual Overlea party tradition and was once again a tremendous affair ~ thanks to everyone for making this yet another of the great Overlea High School celebrations! Click the next link to view pictures of the party as a [SLIDESHOW]...
Sue & the Jordan Twins 45th Reunion Committee
Overlea High School 45th Reunion
Les & Bill OHS '68 Party Animals
Click to view... [More Reunion Photos]
We'll be needing more alumni photographs when the 50th takes place in 2018, so be sure to have your camera handy for that milestone event... Thanks!
What a Party
Click to view the YouTube 40th Reunion Video... Go to YouTube

OHS '68 Classmates!
Linda Bark Smith is maintaining a contact list so we can have occasional get-togethers between the reunions, so be sure you keep Linda up-to-date with any changes to your own status... [Email Linda]
Linda, Karen, Nancy & Carol Mike & Marcie
(Click either group photo below to view a larger version)
OHS Guys
OHS Girls
In addition to the latest photos from the Overlea High School Class of 1968's 45th reunion, you can also click the button below to see slides from the 40th reunion (plus the video!), and remember that we still have hundreds of photos from the now legendary 35th reunion celebration in 2003... enjoy the shows!

45th Reunion Slideshows
40th Reunion Slideshows       35th Reunion
Reunion Video
If you are a '68 alumni and have not yet sent your [contact info] to the reunion committee, please do so ASAP so we can keep you in touch regarding future Overlea High School Class of 1968 events ... our goal is to make the NEXT OHS '68 reunion even bigger & better!
Stay up-to-date with Class of '68 activities ... [OHS 1968 @ Facebook]
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